Chinese textile production under pressure


There is a heavy demand for production alternatives in Asia in general and China in particular.


This is due to a high uncertainty in pricing and the development of rising wage costs and slower delivery times. In many Asian countries the clothing industries are experiencing turbulent times; especially Chinese production is under a lot of pressure. Therefore there are lot of prospects for alternative sourcing and new production in countries like Vietnam, and Bangladesh.


Source: Textilia

The way to go in Bangladesh

Pama International has been producing custom made textiles in Bangladesh since the nineties. We don’t just know our way to go in this, not so easy accessible country; we also have an office and a complete production line here, together with our Bangladeshi partner.


The availability of fabrics and accessories

Higher quantities of high-grade local quality materials are available nowadays. Foreign investment plays a big part in this development. Whichever fabric is not available in the desired quality, we will import from our offices in China.





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