Chinese textile production under pressure


There is a heavy demand for production alternatives in Asia in general and China in particular.


This is due to a high uncertainty in pricing and the development of rising wage costs and slower delivery times. In many Asian countries the clothing industries are experiencing turbulent times; especially Chinese production is under a lot of pressure. Therefore there are lot of prospects for alternative sourcing and new production in countries like Vietnam, and Bangladesh.


Source: Textilia

Always looking for the best production method

We are always looking for the best production method for your textile. Thanks to our own production units in China and Bangladesh we can offer you good solutions.  

Apart from production in China or Bangladesh with local raw materials, we can also offer you a special alternative; production in Bangladesh with imported raw materials from China.

We have extensive experience with the sourcing of fabrics and accessories in China and the export to Bangladesh. This gives you the choice of every desired fabric quality and accessory, in combination with well controlled production. The result is a high-quality product for a competitive price.  





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